Must-visit Places In Kosovo You Must Explore When Traveling

Must-visit Places In Kosovo You Must Explore When Traveling

Kosovo is small in area but rich in art and history. There are many Kosovo points of interest. Kosovo has been gaining popularity with foreign visitors and for good reason – its untouched natural jewels and friendly people shape the perfect conditions for an unforgettable trip on the Balkan Peninsula. Keep reading to explore must-visit places in Kosovo.

Must-visit Places In Kosovo

1. Pristina

As the country’s capital, Pristina is the most vibrant city as such is the center of entertainment, healthcare, and commerce. It also has a rich culture through its historical sites such as mosques and monuments.

This city also has a lively environment as there are plenty of shopping malls, coffee shops, and pubs to go around. Pristina is a good place to stay if you want a good blend of traditional and modern culture.

2. National Park Bjeshkët E Nemuna

must-visit places in Kosovo


A national park situated in the west of Kosovo occupies a considerable area of 624.88 square kilometers. It was established in 2013 with a view of creating a new tourism site in the country. The name Bjeshkët E Nemuna means the cursed mountains.

The environment is ever-green with a variety of flora and fauna residing here. The park has a lot to offer, including a lovely river, some beautiful streams, and magnificent hilly mountains with green plants and trees.

Activities include sightseeing, fish catching, hiking, and mountain climbing. This national park is at the very top amongst the list of places to visit in Kosovo.

3. Gazivoda Lake

must-visit places in Kosovo


It is the largest lake in Kosovo. The lake is formed due to the dams of the river Ibar. The lake is shared by both Kosovo and Serbia. Its area is near 12 square kilometers of which, Kosovo has more than 9 square kilometers, and Serbia has about 3 square kilometers.

With an average depth of more than 100 meters, this lake is the abode to many aquatic faunas and a variety of fishes. A magnificent scenery can be seen from the hilly areas outside the vast lake. Tourists all across the world visit this lake when they reach Kosovo for a tour.

4. Rugova Canyon

must-visit places in Kosovo


Placed Northwest from the city of Peja or, locally, Pec, Rugova is a natural ecstasy with mostly forest ranges in mountain surfaces. With its length of 25 km (15.5 miles) and depth of up to 1,000m (3,300 feet), Rugova is one of the most impressive canyons in Europe. The waters of the Peć Bistrica river have cut their way through the mountains in a breathtaking way. The town of Peja is a good starting point for a hike along the canyon and the surrounding mountains.

5. Gracanica Monastery

Gracanica Monastery Kosovo


As you roam around Pristina, the Gracanica Monastery is a UNESCO heritage site that you cannot miss. Externally, this site, inspired by Serbian architecture as such, is complemented by tomb-shaped structures.

Internally, there is a usage of original paintings, treasures, and Byzantine decorations. Tragically, the original paintings and treasures were destroyed by a fire but were soon compensated with similar versions.

6. Kosovo Museum

Muzeu i Kosoves scaled


The museum, created in 1949, is the most significant museum of Kosovo inside Pristina. It was working on three particular subjects of ethnography, archaeology, and natural science; the museum started collecting paintings and relics for the exhibition.

Later it also started gathering artifacts that represent the struggle of the Kosovans in their liberation war. There is an ethnological museum and an archaeological park that also belongs to this museum.

The monuments and artifacts express mostly ancient archaeology, alongside some examples of ethnography. The structure of the building is also very refined. Your Kosovo travel guide should include this place only if you are in Pristina and a few days in hand, as the museum is often closed for renovation.

7. Newborn Monument



If one symbol can synthesize what Kosovo went through, then the Newborn Monument is the perfect representation. Unveiled in 2008, this monument is a reminder of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.

This 10-foot tall, 79-foot long monument is spelled out as “NEWBORN” to signify the country’s rebirth. In fact, the monument is repainted annually to celebrate years of freedom.

In conclusion, this is a list of the must-visit places in Kosovo for you to experience on the next trip.