Best Tourist Attractions in Grenada You Must Visit During The Trip


Grenada, widely popular as the Spice Island, is a world-famous Caribbean island nation comprising the main island called Grenada itself and surrounding six small islands. It is well-known for being the abode of several plantations of species, particularly nutmeg, that flourish in its volcanic earth. Keep reading to know the best tourist attractions in Grenada to visit during your trip.

Best Tourist Attractions in Grenada

1. Grand Anse Beach

best tourist attractions in Grenada


One of the most lovely and popular beaches in Grenada is Grand Anse. Enjoy exploring the three km arc full of beautiful golden sand at this exquisite beach. You can find here plenty of coconut and sea grapes plants outlining this coast. Watch varying hues of the water, that change their shades from turquoise in shallow water and cobalt blue in deep waters. Enjoy the thrill of swimming in the calm waters of the sea.

In the middle of the beach, you can explore the Grand Anse Craft and spice market and shop for souvenirs and trinkets.

2. Carenage

best tourist attractions in Grenada


Carenage is popular as a pleasant harbor to roam in the vicinity of the waterfront, view various dockside activities, and shop amazing stuff. Enjoy relaxing and eating delicacies at one of the fabulous restaurants here that sell fresh seafood. Watch wooden ships sailing at this harbor. Explore Wharf Road that runs along this harbor. You can find here an amazing statue of Christ of the Deep.

3. Grand Etang National Park

Crater Lake, Grand Etang Nature Reserve, Grenada

The major outdoorsy draw of Grenada sits smack bang in the heart of the island.

A patchwork of sun-kissed dwarf forests, emerald-green fern blooms, waxy orchids, palm groves, gargantuan gommier trunks, and primeval trees that are set over the rising peaks of the central highlands, the reserve is a real hiker’s delight.

Weaving trails delve deep into the landscape, heading to the lookouts of Mount Qua Qua’s summit, around the lush banks of Grand Etang Lake itself, and through rugged volcanic valleys where hummingbirds and the scents of vanilla and nutmeg drift through the airs.

4. St. George’s

best tourist attractions in Grenada


St. George’s is a truly gorgeous town to behold. Cascading down the spice-scented hills on the west coast of the island, it’s dotted with the remains of gorgeous Gothic cathedrals and pretty homes and buildings that shimmer and shine in their whitewashed and vibrant Caribbean colors under the sun.

Travelers flock to the capital by their bucket load too, many of whom head straight for the Market Square, following the fragrances of nutmeg and vanilla, clove, and cinnamon – all of which are sold by the bucket load.

Other sights include the cannon-topped walls of Fort George and the pretty parliament buildings.

5. Underwater Sculpture Park

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On the west coast of Grenada, a short drive north of St. George’s at Moliniere Bay, the Underwater Sculpture Park is a unique submerged gallery that also serves as an artificial reef in a marine protected area.

Created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, the sculptures range from Amerindian petroglyphs to life-size figures cast from local children.

Divers, snorkelers, and glass-bottom boat passengers can admire this underwater exhibition, although coming face-to-face with these sculptures below sea level is the best way to appreciate their artistry.

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Grenada for visitors to make a trip.

6. Fort Frederick

fort frederick saint


At the end of winding hairpin turns atop Richmond Hill, Fort Frederick offers stunning views of St. George’s and the sea.

The fort has an interesting history. The French began construction of Fort Frederick in 1779, and the British then completed it in 1791. It is nicknamed the “backward facing fort” because its cannons face inland instead of out to sea, thanks to the French who feared a surprise land attack after they used this successful strategy with the British. In 1850, the fort was abandoned completely until it was later occupied by the Grenadian military.

A small entrance fee gives you access to the site, but the views are worth it.

7. Morne Rouge Bay

Morne Rouge Bay

While little Morne Rouge sits only a stone’s throw from the popular sands of aforementioned Grand Anse Beach, there’s something more secluded, romantic, and quiet about this little inlet on the south-western coast.

Without the booming crowds of its near neighbor to the north, a trip here promises opportunities to recline under the shade of a swaying coconut palm, and for solitary evening swims under the pink-red glow of the Caribbean sunset.

There’s still a smattering of beach huts and beer bars here – so a swinging hammock in the shade and a cocktail are never too far away!